National Mailing & Marketing awarded the Distribution Contract for Census 2021

National Mailing & Marketing are pleased to announce that the Australian Bureau of Statistics has selected us as their preferred contractor to manage the Census 2021 Distribution. NMM will manage the storage, kitting and despatch of all printed and support materials for the Census, using the national transport network and resources of TNT Express to effect deliveries to the more than 2500 delivery points Australia-wide.

We are particularly proud of the fact that a local Canberra company has been selected, and the employment and related opportunities that this will offer our local community. Up to 40 employees will be involved over a period of 6 – 8 months from early in 2021, creating casual and part-time employment opportunities, and the opportunity for a number of these people to gain some first-hand experience of the benefits and value of working in the logistics industry.

COVID-19 Coronavirus

May Update

Thanks to some good management, and possibly our share of good fortune, it would seem that the ACT has fared better than most other States and Territories in controlling and minimising the health impacts of the COVID-19 virus. Similarly, National Mailing and Marketing has experienced no significant business interruptions to date, which has allowed us to continue delivering our full range of services to our entire client base.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said with regards the many businesses and charities who have been hurt badly and put under enormous pressure over the past 2 - 3 months. NMM will be offering whatever support we can to the local business community, particularly those small to medium businesses in the tourism sector who are so essential to the entire ACT economy.

As restrictions start to be lifted, we will stay focussed on good hygiene, staff health and welfare, and follow all recommendations of the relevant authorities to minimise the risk of any “second wave” and a regression of the current situation. If anything, we believe that now is the time to be extra vigilant as we head towards the “new normal” – we’re told that we will need to live and work with the virus lurking in the background for many months yet, until a vaccine becomes available.

Like the government health authorities, NMM is also taking the required precautions and establishing the necessary contingency plans in the event that the virus does raise its ugly head again. This includes encouraging all employees, their families and friends, and all clients and business associates, to get on board and download the COVIDSafe app, for their own benefit and the benefit of the entire ACT Community.

April Update

As the ACT continues to “flatten the curve”, it seems that the worst of the immediate crisis might soon be over. But as we are being told by the relevant Health authorities, this will only be the case if we continue to follow the three golden rules –

    • Social Distancing (stay 1.5m apart);

    • Self-isolation (stay at home unless it’s essential that we go out); and

    • Maintain high standards of hygiene (including washing hands regularly and thoroughly).

At National Mailing & Marketing, as in most businesses and households throughout the region, we are adhering strictly to these guidelines. We are continuing to encourage our older and more vulnerable employees to stay home, and any signs of being unwell will mean a mandatory “stay at home” directive. Our cleaning and hygiene regimes continue to be ramped up, with hand sanitiser, gloves and masks being made available as required for all staff and selected visitors to our facility.

Fortunately, we have not had any reported positive cases of the virus among our employees or their families – not even any incidents with close contacts, which would require compulsory testing. Business operations continue as normal, and due to the significant downturn in work volumes, we have been able to meet all service deliverables for all customers without any difficulties or delays.

30 March update

In line with the current "hibernation" rules and guidelines, we are now introducing periods of mandatory leave for all but essential personnel at NMM. We have asked all employees to arrange to take leave for 1 - 2 weeks in rotation, while encouraging any employee over the age of 60 years to consider taking extended leave periods. The target is for a 50% reduction in staffing levels in order to reduce the number of people required to leave their homes each day. Those who are required to come to work are being advised to travel directly to and from work wherever possible.

And of course we are taking additional hygiene precautions and increasing our cleaning regimes, enforcing social distancing rules, and minimising face-to-face client/community contact.

While it would seem that the rate of infection curve might be starting to flatten, we understand that there is still a long way to go. We will continue to monitor the situation and take all steps to protect the health and safety of our staff, while also ensuring that all essential work is completed for our many clients.

26 March update

Following the recent guidelines and directives issued by the relevant Health authorities, NMM is taking action to encourage appropriate staff to work from home where possible. We are also down-sizing our operational staffing levels to enable any employee wishing to take leave and remain at home to do so. In fact, we are encouraging as many staff as possible to do just that, in line with the current health warnings.

As a result of this, current turnaround times on any digital print, mail fulfilment or order processing work may be extended for any non-urgent work. We will of course prioritise jobs to meet all urgent requirements, and maintain necessary staffing levels for as long as we can to meet any spikes in demand. As I'm sure you would understand, we're all experiencing a degree of business interruption at the moment, and just ask that you be as patient as you can - if it's at all humanly possible to get the job done, we'll make it happen for you!

The health and welfare of our staff is obviously our first priority, as it should be. We have an extremely loyal and hardworking team here at NMM, who will do everything possible to ensure that we continue to meet the requirements of each and every client to the best of our ability.

Dennis Ogden

General Manager

24 March update

With the current situation on Coronavirus (COVID-19), I would like to assure you that National Mailing and Marketing is taking every precaution available to protect our employees, their families and the community while continuing to provide the services our clients and business partners require.

The following is provided for your information:

Business Continuity Plan

We currently have the resources and infrastructure at hand to continue to meet our commitments should supply channels be affected as a direct result of COVID-19.

We are well stocked with consumables and we will continue to monitor the situation should our suppliers experience difficulty in delivering in the near future.

In house & face to face Hygiene

National Mailing and Marketing is supporting its employees to ensure everyone maintains awareness regarding hygiene to protect themselves and the general public. Regular cleaning and disinfecting is being carried out daily. We are keeping our employees informed on the latest advice from the health authorities. We are minimising our face-to-face contact with our suppliers and contractors where possible.

Orders and Contacts

We are actively practicing social distancing in our everyday operations as we continue with business as usual. Where possible all client contact will be over email and phone. With regards distribution services, we are monitoring our post, courier and freight contractors daily – at this stage there are no interruptions to deliveries, although most parcel deliveries will now be on an “Authority to Leave” basis (proof of delivery signatures will not be requested or made available).

Throughout this unprecedented event, the health and wellbeing of our employees, their families and the community is our highest priority. We wish you and those close to you good health and stay safe.

Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call us - together we will get through this.

Dennis Ogden

General Manager

02 6269 1000

24 March 2020