NMM Mission statement

Our purpose is to provide all customers with efficient and effective storage, distribution and related services based on innovative solutions, quality standards and exceptional customer service.

NMM Vision

Our vision is to be the first choice service provider for organisations seeking a guaranteed quality service at a fair price. We will achieve this by continuing to be the best at what we do, yet always looking towards continuous development.

NMM Values

We are committed to providing value-for-money, quality solutions tailored to suit our client's required timeframe, objectives and budget.

We guarantee the quality of our service, the delivery of successful outcomes and the ultimate achievement of client satisfaction. This is possible through the daily application of our traditional corporate values, to which every employee is committed

  • Honesty, integrity and transparency in all dealings with our work colleagues, customers, suppliers, government legislators and business partners,
  • Support, vocational training and personal development of our employees within an environment of mutual respect and acceptance of the rights and responsibilities of all team members,
  • Personal, professional, proactive and flexible customer service, incorporating the values of sound, sustainable and mutually-beneficial business relationships,
  • Commitment to the pursuit of excellence and industry best practice in order to provide quality outcomes that meet or exceed our client's expectations at all times,
  • Commitment to workplace safety and the protection of our work environment in all aspects of our business; and
  • Demonstrate our social responsibilities through our contribution and support of our broader regional community.